Support Americans United in the fight to protect the separation of church and state from those who use religion to harm others.

Your donation to AU will help us:

  • Fight efforts to use religion to harm others, such as denying health care, refusing to provide goods and services, and disobeying laws that prohibit discrimination
  • Block Project Blitz – a coordinated national effort to codify a far-right, evangelical Christian America
  • Prevent your tax dollars from being used to fund religious schools through private school voucher programs
  • Protect public school students from being forced to pray or be preached to by their teachers or coaches
  • Fight attempts by politicians to use tax-exempt houses of worship to get elected

Donate to support Americans United as we fight every day to protect everyone’s right to live as themselves and believe as they choose.

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We’re pledging to keep church and state separate. Join us.

Church-state separation is the foundation of religious freedom in the United States, protecting many of our most fundamental rights: LGBTQ equality, reproductive freedom, inclusive public education, and more. Now, those freedoms are under threat. Join our movement and pledge to uphold church-state separation.